rPath Helps Businesses Deploy Applications In The Cloud

rPath, a company that specializes in technology that simplifies the distribution and consumption of applications via virtual appliances is making some interesting moves in cloud computing. Basically, rPath helps business close the gap between applications and operations by ensuring the delivery of application deployment quickly and inexpensively. Now rPath is using this technology to help enterprises and organizations deploy their applications in the cloud.

rPath’s technology allows applications to be deployed and managed in a variety of cloud environments, including Amazon’s EC2 servers. But rPath’s technology also works in private clouds. In fact, rPath is helping the U.S. Department of Energy manage and operate applications in a private cloud environment. rPath gives scientists working for the DOE a way of deploying applications as virtual machines in the cloud. As governments slowly heading towards putting data in the clouds, rPath is helping make sure that applications actually work in this environment

rPath recognizes the significance of the cloud in the enterprise space and formed the “Cloud Computing Adoption Model” to provide businesses with a game plane for achieving long-term benefits from adopting a cloud computing infrastructure. The five levels of cloud computing adoption are shown and explained below:

rPath is definitely doing some fascinating things for businesses looking to efficiently deploy applications in the cloud. And the company is committed to helping businesses understand the cloud and its implications. Here’s a nifty video rPath made to help people understand cloud computing: