Adult footed pajamas offered as ultimate answer to exorbitant heating bills


Was your heating bill through the roof this winter? Now that winter’s almost over, you can either turn down the heat because you won’t need it or lower your heating bills even more by wearing adult footed pajamas, according to a company that sells adult footed pajamas.

A press release issued today says it all. Let’s break it down bit by bit.

All over the country, people are lowering their gas bills by wearing adult footed pajamas, and turning down the heat. Adult footed pajamas keep people warmer than 2-piece pajamas or a blanket. People are saving money on lowering the cost of energy for their homes.

But just what are adult footed pajamas? Surely they don’t expect us to purchase a product we know nothing about!

Adult footed pajamas are just like a baby’s sleeper. They are one piece from the toes up to the neck. They are much warmer than a drafty 2-piece pajama set or a robe. They are very comfortable and functional.

My, that’s informative. So under what circumstances could people use adult footed pajamas?

People use adult footed pajamas in place of a robe after the shower or in the morning before work. The wonderful part of the Adult footed pajamas is the feet! In the winter, hardwood floors and tile are cold. Adult footed pajamas solve the problem of cold feet without cranking up the heat.

So that’s why my hardwood floors are so cold between early December and late February! But I’m still not quite convinced, as I’m a manly man who would never be caught dead wearing adult footed pajamas. Unless you can prove to me that other manly men wear adult footed pajamas, I’ll remain on the fence.

“My house is drafty and I can’t afford to keep my heat any higher, so I sit around and watch football in my adult footed pajamas,” said Jarret, a 28-year-old from Toledo, OH.

Wow, Jarret sounds a lot like me except that I’m 30 years old and I live in Boston, MA. Still, I bet that the only people selling adult footed pajamas on the internet are charlatans and thieves, and that’s if I can actually find a place that sells them, right?

There aren’t many places selling adult footed pajamas. However, reputable e-commerce site selling adult footed pajamas is They sell all fleece adult footed pajamas. The pajamas are made well and there are a large variety of prints to choose from.

Well played, – well played indeed.