Today is Ada Lovelace Day! Acknowledge the techie women around you!


Today we appreciate the women in technology as we recognize Ada Lovelace, considered to be the world’s first computer programmer. You read that right, a woman was the first programmer! Born in 1815, Lovelace wrote programs for an early analytical engine built by Charles Babbage.

Suw Charman-Anderson organized the day and was inspired by her female friends in technology who felt they were disenfranchised and invisible. I hear that, considering I’m blogging with a bunch of dudes.

However, women should feel proud of being a minority among their male counterparts. I know I’m a minority when it comes to being a female gadget nerd, but it makes me that much more unique and marketable to future employers. I’ve seen more women slowly entering the IT department at my job and entering executive positions. In my IT courses, young women are taking over the classrooms. Eventually, women will take over the world!