Thanko sells USB microscope stick


Japan’s most advanced tech powerhouse and top gadget maker Thanko is now selling a mini microscope that can be connected to a PC via USB. The so-called USB Nandemo (Whatever) Microscope LITE [JP] costs $105 and will surely be listed soon in Thanko’s English online shop for Non-Japanese buyers.

The microscope is 140mm long and 12mm in diameter (weight: 100g). Objects are magnified by a factor of 40 and projected onto a 17-inch screen, images with a resolution of 640×480 can be produced.

The microscope comes with a 1.3megapixel CMOS sensor and supports Windows XP and Vista through USB 1.1 and 2.0. There are 8 small LEDs on the tip that help you identify what you can see in dark areas like inside your ear, for example.


Thanko also suggests to use the device for magnifying texts, checking your teeth or controlling spots on your skin. Buyers will get a total of seven “attachments” that they can plug onto the tip to be able to check narrow spaces as well. A mini tripod is also included in the price.