Samsung ready to roll out Papyrus touchscreen ebook reader

samsung papyrus
eBook readers are here to stay, and if you’re a CE company you’d better have one if you want to stay in the game. Samsung Electronics will soon be rolling out their Papyrus ebook reader in the US and UK. Will the touchscreen make this a Kindle killer?

The Papyrus lacks an always-on cellular connection for obtaining new content, so you’ll need to connect this to your PC. How quaint! The touchscreen can be used to take notes, input numbers into a calculator, and maintain a contact list. Why you’d need a contact list on an ebook reader is beyond me. Samsung seems to be shooting for a weird market of gadget enthusiasts who want a specific kind of device convergence, but not anything that most human beings would find useful.

But hey, you can get the Papyrus in different colors! That’s got to count for something!

Via Pockt-lint.