First Madden NFL 10 screenshot looks delicious, EA makes big promises this year


Straight from EA Sports president Peter Moore on the subject of Madden NFL 10: “[W]e’re ushering in an exciting new era for the game with the most detailed and comprehensive edition of Madden in the history of the franchise.”

Of course, he kind of has to say that but if the above screenshot is anything close to the level of detail that the actual game will contain, we’re all in for a real treat. More from Moore:

“We’re hitting the real sweet spot of development for this generation of consoles as the team is really hitting its stride in squeezing every ounce of power and capability from the hardware. In fact, the Madden team is taking such dramatic strides this year that we’re in the position to go deep on features and details earlier than we’ve ever done before.

Moore asks how many improvements we can all spot in the image and then promises that “this year’s game is going to continue to push the boundaries of authenticity in gameplay, presentation, and style.” I don’t know about you but I really like playing Madden but it doesn’t quite yet feel like I’m watching a real game yet.

It’s close, to be sure, but there’s just been something missing, whether it’s been the lackluster commentating (Chris Collinsworth was pretty good this year, but the other guy was an absolute robot) or the lack of surrounding detail – sidelines, the crowd, field conditions, camera pans and zooms, etc. – it seems like this version might make everything feel more immersive.

Fight For Every Yard [Peter Moore’s Official Blog via Joystiq]