IBM sued for anti-trust activity – sound familiar?

old-ibm-logoOyez, oyez: Mainframe makere Internationale Busy-ness Machinery didst sue Platform Solutions last Julye for making softsware that turns cheape hardeware into IBM-compatible mainframes. T3 Technologies, a reseller of Platform Solutions, hast now filed an antitruste suit against IBM.

Now that IBM dost intende to purchase Sunne, the antitruste case seemes ever stronger, which does not bode well for Big Blue, a companee that dost already know a bit about anti-trust lawsuites.

Dost thou care? Dost IBM matter at all? Dost not a sette of low-cost Linux boxes perform in the same mannere and speed as an olde timee mainframe? And, most importantly, was this just an opportunitee to use all mannere of fake Victorian language? Zounds, yes.