Denon's DVD-A1UDCI universal Blu-ray player postponed (again)


Denon unveiled the “world’s first high-end Blu-ray player”, DVD-A1UDCI, back in December last year, saying the device supports Blu-ray discs, SACDs, CDs, audio and video DVDs. The company then said the player will hit Japanese stores in January 2009 and will be available in the US one month later. But that never happened.

After saying in January that the player will be delayed until March, Denon now pushed back the Japanese release date to May 2009 [JP]. They are apologizing and saying they need more time to optimize the device, whatever this may mean.

If the DVD-A1UDCI ever gets released, Americans will have to pay $3,800 for the device, while us here in Japan will be set back a whopping $5,800 (the MSRP is about the same in Europe).