AQUOS A: Sharp to roll out "green" AQUOS LCD TVs


Sharp Japan announced three new “green” AQUOS LCD TVs today [JP], the so-called AQUOS A series, which follows the BD and E series. The new models come in three different sizes: 40 inches (LC-40AE6), 46 inches (LC-46AE6) and 52 inches (LC-52AE6). All TVs feature full HD resolution.

The TVs also boast a contrast ratio of 15,000:1, a brightness of 450cd/m2, a refresh rate of 120HZ, three HDMI ports and a viewing angle of 176 degrees. Sharp says the TVs can be called eco-friendly because the smallest model only needs 120kWh per year, while the 46-incher needs 145kWh and the biggest TV sucks up 175kWh.

Sharp hasn’t said yet when the new AQUOS TVs will be available overseas. In Japan, the costs are $2,100 for the 40-inch model (release date: April 10), $2,600 for the 46-inch TV and $4,000 for the 52-inch model (release date for both: May 15).