New Jersey lawsuit targets AT&T, Apple over shoddy iPhone 3G perfomance


Again, I don’t know how so many of you guys put up with your iPhone “3G,” in quotes because of the constant complaining about the lack of speed. In fact, a lawsuit was just filed in New Jersey that accuses AT&T and Apple of, among other things, Negligent Misrepresentation and Breach of Contract.

The lawsuit, filed by one Damone Dickerson, claims that the 3G speeds delivered aren’t what was advertised—that’s provided 3G is even available. (How badly did AT&T screw the pooch at SXSWi this year, fellow attendees?) This isn’t the first lawsuit of its kind, with similar suits being filed in several other states, including New York and California.

This isn’t a childish point-and-laugh at AT&T post, but for a phone that’s so beloved by so many of you guys, you’d think that AT&T would be working nonstop to keep you happy. I’m happy to admit that it’s a “cool” phone or whatever, but if it doesn’t work as advertised, why bother?