The return of the cheap flash

lp120Photography is expensive. This isn’t necessarily a shocking revelation, but sometimes you can find ways to be a little more cost-effective when buying equipment. For example, when you are doing off-camera lighting, it’s not necessary to have the best TTL metering auto-everything computerized flash. In most cases a flash connected to a remote will do fine, but it’s not so easy to find decent quality manual flash units anymore.

It’s kind of an interesting story (if you are into photography): the lighting wizards at the Strobist were lamenting the build quality of the inexpensive manual flashes, and that no major manufacturers were willing to build something cheap and usable. So a company called Midwest Photo heard them, got into the manufacturing business, and created the LumoPro LP120. I’m not going to get bogged down in the technical details of what all this flash can do, but let me assure you that it’ll work as both an on camera or off camera flash, but its main purpose is for off camera.

The best part: it’s only $129.95. That’s a heck of a deal for a new flash unit, and I know I’ll most likely be buying one in the near future.