FragFX's updated mouse+nunchuck lets you rock the PS3 like a PC

We saw the original of this crazy hybrid controller back in 2007, and I can understand why you might want one. I mean, watching console players play FPSes is watching a mudskipper flopping along the bank, thinking “god I’m slick.” They’ve recently updated it, but the principle is the same. Split the Dual Shock in half, remap the right analog stick to a mouse, and put buttons all over that mother.

It still seems like FPS gamers would be working under a handicap compared to a PC (against me, anyway), but if I were to sit down with some Killzone 2 or what have you, I’d buy one of these things sight unseen just to avoid the embarrassment of dual-analog control.

The new version lists improved…well, pretty much everything. I like that it has a “frag button.” If only it were actually that easy. It costs $80, which seems expensive until you try it and realize you’ve been playing games at a toddler level of precision for the last few years.