Streetcar driver sends pictures of his private parts to random female passenger via Bluetooth


A precarious lawsuit is currently in the news in Germany: According to various reports, a streetcar driver in the Southern city of Karlsruhe made pictures of his private parts with his phone camera (while being on duty). As if that alone isn’t stupid enough, the guy also sent the two pictures out to the world via Bluetooth.

The result: A random female passenger who was present in the same streetcar received the pictures on her phone and was so shocked that she went on and sued the man. In the trial, which took place Tuesday, the man’s defender said his client was just being stupid, while the district attorney referred to his behavior as “shitty”.

The man claimed he took the pictures for his girl friend and sent them out three times in a row just because he didn’t know how his phone worked. But the judge didn’t believe him, especially because he was reprimanded twice before for using his handset while on duty.

The city of Karlsruhe sacked the man without notice. He was found guilty of distributing pornographic material through his cell phone and sentenced to pay $2,500.