Prepare for outdoor drinking season with Beer Blaster, holster, and belt


The Beer Blaster isn’t NEW new, per se, but keep it on your radar as we prepare to enter the first days of outdoor drinking season – spring, summer, and fall. The kit consists of a gun that allows you to shotgun a beer to someone else, if that makes sense, and you’d be remiss to wander about your neighborhood barbecues without the additional holster and ammo belt.

I’m a bit torn, as I love beer but I do NOT love foamy, shaken-up beer being squirted through plastic tubing. The idea of the Beer Blaster, though, is hard to resist. Perhaps I could drink a few beers normally and use the Beer Blaster sparingly. Or maybe I could always drink beer normally and shoot beer at everyone else.


The gun costs $22 (available in red and blue), the holster costs $10, and the belt costs $12.


Here’s a video if you’re still on the fence:

Beer Blaster [ via Likecool]