MySpace Launches In-Browser Photo Editing Tools

MySpace has integrated a new Flash-based suite of photo editing tools into its site, giving users the ability to crop, edit, and stylize their photos from directly within the browser. The tools are powered by Fotoflexer, a browser-based photo editing startup that also powers Photobucket’s image editing features (Photobucket and MySpace are owned by the same company, so this isn’t too surprising). To access the feature, select a photo in one of your MySpace photo albums and press the ‘Customize Photo’ button.

The new tools allow users to edit their photos in a variety of ways, including options like red-eye removal, blemish removal, and cropping, as well as a number of image filters like ‘pop art’ and ‘neon colors’. Users can also drag and drop speech bubbles and virtual stickers to embellish their pictures – a feature that I’m sure MySpace users will love, given their propensity to customize their profiles (though I’m a bit worried they might take the photo customization too far). There’s nothing revolutionary here, but it’s fun and convenient.

In contrast to MySpace’s tools, Facebook’s photo editing features are essentially nonexistent (you can rotate images, and that’s about it). I can understand why Facebook might not be keen on helping its users add silly thought bubbles or colorizing effects, but red-eye correction and cropping would certainly be welcome additions.