Matt Burns, a Ford Fusion, and You


Our own Matt Burns will be driving from Dearborn, Michigan to San Francisco in a new Ford Fusion Hybrid, a Ford we can all truly be excited about. He’ll be running contests and reporting live from the road so if there’s anyplace you think he should visit, speak now or forever hold your peace. Matt’s trip was even written up in the local Flint news where he describes his job to incredulous reporters. To wit:

He’s now associate editor of and also freelances to other tech sites, writing about 12 posts a day. Most are 300 to 400 words but a few are longer, on everything from Blu-ray formatting to the latest satellite navigation systems.

“I got the job with a few sentences in an e-mail. That’s how this world works. It’s very informal,” said Burns. “I didn’t even talk to anyone on the phone for three or four months. It’s a pretty weird work atmosphere where you rarely see or talk to people.”

The first time he met fellow staffers was at a big consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

“But we talk all day long in a chat room. I feel as close to these coworkers as anybody I’ve ever worked with, if not more,” he said.

Look for more reports tomorrow as Matt begins his 10-day trek across these United States. Here’s a bit about Matt’s car, the newest hybrid vehicle in Ford’s line-up:

A selection of specially refitted 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrids are set to embark on a national journey across the United States. Matt Burns, from the gadgets, gear and computer hardware blog CrunchGear is the first participant in the Ford American Hybrid Tour. Beginning his ten-day road trip at Ford Motor Company Global Headquarters in Dearborn, MI, Matt will travel across the country in a brand new, fully-equipped 41 mpg 2010 Fusion Hybrid, while blogging about his adventures en route.

Advice? Stops? Calls for meet-ups? Dump ’em here.

Editor’s Note: Matt’s expenses at the end of this trip will be paid by the Ford Motor Company. We are not required to write anything good – or anything, really – about the Fusion during the course of the trip although we did choose to partake in the trip because of the technology in the car itself.