Echo bot, a motion-triggered reminder gadget

Although I don’t really enjoy the design of this thing, I think I can appreciate its value. I am an extremely absent-minded person, the kind of guy who will forget where his car is parked and then walk a mile around the neighborhood checking every possible spot, or buy cream cheese and then not eat any until it expires. A little doodad like this might be handy for someone as irresponsible as myself.

My friends and family tell me to write notes and to-do lists, but I would forget to write notes, or forget to bring the list with me. I need something that tells me what I need to remember, without me having to prompt it. This Echo Bot could be the answer. It could detect me opening the fridge and say “remember to eat the leftover pad thai!”


$15 is possibly a bit much to pay for it, but it’s really not that much money. Maybe someone will get it for me. God knows I need it.