Cadillac jumping on the in-car mobile internet bandwagon at $29 per month


Back in August of last year, we caught wind that in-car wireless internet service from a company called Autonet would be an available feature on all 2009 Chrysler cars. Looks like it’s catching on, as starting next month the Cadillac CTS will offer the extra feature as well.

The system creates a 150-foot Wi-Fi bubble surrounding the car, pushed out by the small-ish receiver pictured above. The $29/month service fee seems relatively reasonable, although your data limit is capped at 1GB. There’s a 5GB plan for $59/month, which is in line with standard 3G mobile data offerings from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon. The 1GB limit actually seems like a good deal, though, if you’d be using it sparingly with an in-car computer or other connected device to pull up maps and maybe occasionally download a few songs here and there.

The price for the unit itself is set by the dealer, but the Chrysler version was pegged at $499 so it’s likely that Cadillac’s offering would be in the same ballpark.

[via CNET]