Apple adds HD purchases to iTunes: $20 per HD movie

Apple has updated the iTunes store to allow you and your loved ones to download high definition content. For $20 you can buy from their growing library (, which of course includes such cinematic gems as Twilight and Punisher: War Zone. You can also rent movies 30 days after their release of course, and everything should run much as it did before.

It seems that if you’re going to spend $20 on the movie, you may as well just get the Blu-ray. After all, it doesn’t take up any space and you get all those lovely bonus features. Plus you don’t get the extra-compressed version. Then again, why leave the couch at all? If only were still around, then we could have the best of both worlds.

More details and several more mentions of Twilight and Quantum of Solace can be found at the press release.