Y Combinator Demo Day Spring 2009

The 16 startups from Y Combinator’s spring session presented their ideas and initial products at Y Combinator’s Silicon Valley office this afternoon. Of the 16 startups in this group, 8 have already launched, 6 are in the process of launching and 2 remain in stealth mode. Most of them have been in development for only three months. Y Combinator celebrated some good news recently. They are raising $2 million in capital themselves, from Sequoia Capital and a number of prominent angel investors for a new entity, managed by Y Combinator, that will make investments in new startups going forward.

Foodoro is an online marketplace marketplace where people can buy specialty food directly from artisanal foodmakers. Launched a few weeks ago, Foodoro aims to be an online e-commerce site for artisanal food makers, exposing these vendors to a greater audience of food aficionados than they would get from their own sites or selling solely to specialty food stores and managing their e-commerce completely. We wrote a review of Foodoro here.

Skysheet, not officially launched, is a web-based spreadsheets service that has the speed and feel of Excel.

AirBnB, a startup we wrote about a few weeks ago, is like the eBay of space. Its an online marketplace for any sort of accomodation, including hotels, extra bedrooms in peoples’ homes, apartments, and commercial properties. We reviewed AirBnB here.

reMail is a mobile iPhone app that allows you to import your Gmail or AOL mail accounts and then search conversations and emails by topic, person or subject. The app also has built in folders that let’s you easily access emails that pertain to certain subjects, like flight information.

Cloudkick is a web-based cloud management system of servers on Amazon’s EC2 or Slicehost. Cloudkick allows you to manage all your servers in once space, letting you set up new servers with the click of a button and also offers voice, gives you easy to read graphs and monitoring of servers and email alerts in the event of a server problem. We reviewed Cloudkick here.

Divvyshot is a “dead simple” group photo sharing web platofrm where people can upload hundreds of photos and then be able to share them with anyone. The startup also has an iPhone app that lets users upload and monitor event activity in real-time. We recently wrote about Divvyshot here.

Echodio syncs your iTunes libraries across multiple computers and devices using Boxee. Using cloud sync, the Echodio lets you drop music tracks into an Echodio playlist and then streams them to computers and devices. We reviewed Echodio here.

Heyzap, sort of the YouTube for casual games, allows any website to access over 6,000 games and then be able to embed the games into their own blogs or websites through a widget. The games update automatically, giving publishers fresh game content. We wrote about Heyzap here.

Nambii produces dating iPhone applications, including the Mobile Dating, a Match.com-like dating app; Kiss or Miss, a kissing app; and DateMap, a location-based date finding app that lets users find people looking for dates by geographic location and availability.

Picurio is trying to replace iPhoto. It’s a webased application that is made to feel like a desktop app. You can drag and drop photos into albums and then automatically sync them with Facebook, with virtually little to no upload time.

Propable is a property management system that rest apartments from property owners at market rate, then furnishes them, and rents them out as rooms to young professionals. Propable charges a rent fee that includes wifi, cable, maintenance, gas, and cleaning, clearing a large markup for the unit and making property owners money.

thesixtyone is the Digg for indie music. The startup has built filter for rating music, while also being able to listen to tracks and albums, earn a ranking reputation, and achievement badges for rating good music. Read our review of thesixtyone here.

Voxli is a simple web-based voice conferencing services for gamers. Anyone can create a voice conference room on the Voxli homepage for up to 200 participants. The startup is planning to expand beyond the gaming market, hoping to become a convenient replacement for Skype. We recently reviewed Voxli here.

Wattvision makes it easy for you to monitor the power use of a home or business by installing a sensor on your energy meter. You then get a live view of your home’s energy use online, with fast updates and easy to install sensors.