Producteev Enters Public Beta (Get One Of 20 Lifetime Memberships)

Producteev, the task-management service that launched in private beta at LeWeb is now in public beta and anyone can sign up. I described Producteev as “Netvibes for group product management” because its dashboard presents a grid of boxes for each group task at hand. The public beta version now has a more fully featured activity stream that includes micro-messaging along with status updates, allowing team members to attach files and send direct messages to each other. The product is available in English, Spanish, German and French. And native clients for the iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Nokia are coming soon. (The iPhone app is awaiting approval from Apple’s iTunes Store).

The company is also now charging for three or more user, after a one-month free trial. Subscriptions start at $5 a month. CEO Ilan Abehassera is giving away twenty free lifetime “gold” memberships (a $79/month value) to the TechCrunch readers with the best comments about why they need to be better organized in their daily work. (He will reply to the winners in comments below).

Here is how I described Producteev when I first wrote about it:

Producteev starts with a grid of blank boxes on a Web page. Each box represents a different project to which you or other people you work with can add tasks. One box could be product development, another one could be a marketing project, a third could be an event. You can set permissions on who can see a given project on a box-by-box, project-by-project basis.

Each task has a status (pending, active, done, etc.). For any task, reminders can be set and comments can be added. Tasks can be sent directly to Producteev via Twitter, email, or IM (Windows Live, Messenger, AIM, or Yahoo Messenger). You can also be notified through these channels whenever a new task is assigned to you, a new task is added to a project, a comment is made to one of your tasks, or the status on a task has changed.

Producteev will be competing for mindshare with all the other online project management and workgroup collaboration tools out there, including Basecamp, LiquidPlanner, Yammer, Wizehive, Socialtext, and so on.