CPU cooler dissipates heat with bubbles

This thing really does make bubbles, but not in the way you want it to. I know you had pictures of a fairyland heatsink that blows hot air out with gossamer wings, while blowing edible bubbles for the user to pop on his or her tongue. Sorry princess, but that’s not the case. Man, now I really want that setup.
Seriously, though, this cooler from Noise Limit really uses bubbles. Heat from the CPU boils a liquid in an evaporator, and the hot gas escapes as bubbles, which rise and push each other into the heatsink area to cool down, then condense and return to the evaporator chamber (that is, if I understand correctly). It’s an elegant design that uses simple physics to its advantage, and the creators say it’s very versatile. Of course, I’d say that too if I’d invented something.