Steam now supports DLC, micropayments

horse_knighthood03Now that Steam supports DLC, micropurchases (like horse armor), and extra levels, you can expect the same crippled, semi-complete games you get at retail places. After all, why release a whole game when you can release two thirds of it and then charge $10 for the ending?

Of course, DLC isn’t all garbage, but everything that comes from EA is. Indie favorite The Maw is the first to take advantage of the new system, and it wouldn’t have survived if it didn’t have a serious first offering. Similarly, I don’t hold Half-Life 2’s episodes against Valve, because they weren’t working on Episodes 1, 2, and 3 before they finished the first game, as was the case with, say, Spore.

At any rate, this reduces the advantages retail has on digital distribution by one. That’s always a good thing.