Sony testing the water for possible PSP comic book store


Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has been asking PSP users what it thinks about, you know, a possible comic book store. The store would be accessible from the PSP, and users would be able to download ’em to their portable device. This here video, highlighted by some of Joystiq’s spies, shows what the store could look like.

Sony seems most concerned with how it’d price the comics—a la carte, or subscription-based? (My vote is for a la carte; I’m not “into” comics enough to want to subscribe to any type of service, but I wouldn’t be allergic to paying for a big like Killing Joke every once in a while.

In any event, keep in mind that this is SCEE’s doing, and could end up being a Europe-only venture. (Look how much stuff the Japanese PSP has that we don’t.)

That is all.