nikon d400

Nikon D400 coming this summer?

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nikon-logoWe have been reporting on the D400 rumor for what seems like forever. The fabled SLR is suppose to rock a 14.8 MP sensor and shoot HD video. So far we haven’t seen anything official from Nikon but so many little slips must mean that the camera is coming soon. Plus, there is this thing about a Nikon D400 book already in the works…

Nikon Rumors tracked down some info about this book. In fact, they even talked to the author who made it clear that he had an NDA with Nikon about the D400. But based on when the book is suppose to launch, you can assume that the camera would be available too. Right? So if all this speculation is true, we should see the D400 sometime this summer. Now, we need some specs.

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