Zelda/hip hop mashup: The Ocarina of Rhyme

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Oh no you did not. That’s right, these utter geniuses have taken tracks from The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time and combined them with hip hop from Dre, Jay-Z, Common, and more. The result: Team Teamwork’s “The Ocarina of Rhyme.” I’m not a big mashup fan, but this is completely off the chain. Get it quick before every artist on the list sues.

Now where’s my Mega Man 2 remix?

Update: Woah, it looks like there are two Ocarina of Rhymes. Ocarinas of Rhyme. A commenter notes that he’s done practically this same thing but with rather more original content. Kind of sketchy that this one I first found hits the net the day before this cat Sleaze drops his, so I figure it’s only fair to give him a link. He says it’ll be coming out tomorrow, so check it out here if you get a chance.

[via Reddit]

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