The Wii remote, used for the spraying of paint


I actually just said “oh, wow” in reaction to reading about this thing right here, the Wii Spray. It’s a Wii remote-based spray paint can, for graffiti. It uses Flash, the Wii Flash Server and, yes, the Wii itself to simulate graffito-tagging. It’s the handiwork of Bauhaus students. Bauhaus is a proper school in Germany; it’s not some dopey kid’s junior high science fair project, then. There doesn’t seem to be any video of it online, which is ridiculous, but there is this photo of it in action.

Continuing with my “sorry for the short post, here’s a wacky video” gimmick, here’s the Recycle song from Rocko’s Modern Life. I think I have an old VHS tape somewhere in the basement with like six hours of back-to-back Rocko episodes. Yes, life is indeed grand!