Bad news: your cellphone is probably a bacterial paradise

razer_bacteriaIf you were a bacterium (assuming you’re not), where would you like to live? How about a nice dark place constantly being touched (never cleaned) and covered in new bacteria, food, and constantly being moistened by a warm, wet breeze? Sounds great, right? Prime real estate. I call it a “mobile phone.”

Now, “bacterial paradise” is a bit of an understatement by yours truly. I wanted to make the headline more palatable than the source, which describes it as “sucking a toilet bowl.” Gah! But it’s true if you think about it. Think of all the crannies you breathe into, rub your natural oils into, and which are usually kept warm and dark in the confines of your pocket. And that little trackball on Blackberries and G1s, it must be like a planet for them!

The horror — the horror!

[via TechDirt]