BestInClass Tries To Help Consumers Find The Perfect Digital Camera

Startup BestInClass is trying to solve a problem many consumers face when trying to pick out a digital camera that best suits their needs and preferences. Most consumers spend hours on the internet looking at editorial and user reviews to figure out what digital camera to buy. The site has launched a digital camera recommendation service that helps consumers sort through all of this information in one place and answer the question: “what is the best digital camera for me?” uses the recommendations of professionals and hobbyists in the photography industry and then matches their product recommendations to consumer preferences using a proprietary algorithm.The site already has about 750 individual camera selections from photography experts, with more being added weekly. Basically, BestInClass tries to figure out the photography goals of consumers in order to determine what the right camera is for their needs.

Consumers are asked several questions about how they intend to use the camera, trying to differentiate between whether the camera is being used for travel or family photos, how much the consumer wants to spend, or if they have specific areas where they want high quality features (color, pixels etc.). The site returns with a list of tailored product recommendations from experts who have already researched the best products for these needs. Consumers can also read why a particular product was recommended for them and how it compares to other top picks. Consumers can see a side-by-side comparison of editorial recommendations of a product with actual consumer reviews of the product and can buy the product through Amazon.

BestInClass now only focuses on digital cameras but intends to add more consumer electronics products to the list in the near future, including laptops and flat screen televisions. I think BestInClass has a good concept in providing this tailored content to the consumer, but it certainly not an original idea. Competitors include TestFreaks and other sites that provide product reviews like CNET and CrunchGear. BestInClass’s search filter is pretty nifty and with the addition of more consumer electronics, the site could be a useful destination.