Video: Tiger Woods 10 gameplay demo

Hot damn, Tiger Woods 10 for the Wii is looking better and better all the time. Jason Shenkman, EA Sports’ Senior Producer for Tiger Woods 10, gives us a gameplay overview and talks about some of the new features for the MotionPlus-enabled game.

The 1:1 motion sensing looks pretty nice – just like Wii Sports Golf now – and, refreshingly, Shenkman concedes that previous versions of the game fell short of half-swings and the implementation of fade and draw shots. Those areas look to be much improved now.

And putting – the black eye of Tiger Woods ‘09 – is now back to normal. Better, even, as it’s a simple back and forth motion now. “It feels like putting in real life,” says Shenkman. You can even push and pull putts this year, so watch your wrist rotation.

The visuals, too, look much, much better. There are actual spectators this year and weather conditions appear far more realistic. And – get this – the weather in the game is tied into the Wii Forecast Channel, so whichever course you play will feature the real-life weather conditions at that particular point in time. Very nice.

All in all, it looks like TW10 is shaping up to be a great game.

[via Joystiq]