Pentax X70 Megazoom now up for pre-order


Pentax’s recent PMA announcement, the X70 megazoom ‘hybrid’, is now up for pre-order on the Pentax site. $400 gets you a 12-megapixel shooter with a 24x zoom lens. There’s no word one exact ship date, but it will ship later this month.


* 24X wide-angle optical zoom
The 24X optical zoom is equivalent to 26–624mm, making it ideal for close-up as well as distant shots. Whatever your need – landscapes, group shots, wildlife, sports, and more – this camera’s got you covered.
* 12.0 megapixels
An impressive 12.0 megapixel CCD captures large, detailed images, which can be printed as 11×14 -inch enlargements (and larger) in clear resolution with impressive image quality.
* High Resolution 2.7 inch LCD screen
The large, bright 2.7 inch LCD screen lets you easily compose, capture, and review your images and video with great clarity. You can also use the built-in electronic viewfinder to frame and shoot, so you know you’ll be able to get the shot in any lighting situation.
* Triple Shake Reduction technology
The X70 boasts three Shake Reduction technologies to reduce camera shake and blurring of the subject: Mechanical Shake Reduction via a CCD shift mechanism, Digital Shake Reduction via high ISO, and Movie Shake Reduction for blur-free video capture.
* High-speed continuous shooting
With high-speed continuous shooting at 11 FPS, the X70 makes sure you get the winning shot, even in with the fastest action.
* Fast Face Detection
With PENTAX’s face detection technology, the camera quickly and automatically sees up to 32 faces in 0.03 seconds, so portraits and group shots are bright and focused, even in backlit situations
* Flexible movie capture
HD movie capture vividly captures moving memories in widescreen 720p (15 FPS) as well as full speed 848×480, VGA, and QVGA resolutions.
* Super Macro mode
Close focusing, Super Macro mode brings out the details in even the smallest subjects as close as 1 cm from the lens.

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