Metal Gear Solid for the iPhone to be released on Thursday


One of the most anticipated games for the iPhone/iPod Touch has to be Konami’s Metal Gear Solid Touch. Konami released a handful of screenshots and some scarce information on the game last week. Today the company announced in Japan that Metal Gear Solid Touch will be available in the App Store on March 19 (both in the US and Japan).

It will cost 900 Yen, which are $9.18 so we can probably expect a price for $9.99 in the US. The American site for the game doesn’t reveal the price yet, which is also true for the official “Touch Konami” site. We will add that information once it becomes available.


This is not the demo (dubbed “Advance Edition”) but the full game. Konami said the action will take place in the world of Metal Gear Solid 4.