With no cars being sold, Sirius XM turns to iPhone to promote itself


Now that nobody on planet Earth is buying cars anymore, Sirius XM has to find a new way to promote itself to would-be buyers. It used to be that buyers of new cars would get a couple free months of Sirius or XM included; but what now? If yesterday’s conference call is any indication, Sirius XM, which was rescued at the ELEVENTH HOUR by Liberty Media last month, will really begin to promote itself to fancy-pants iPhone and iPod touch users. A Sirius XM-developed (remember, that third-party Star Player was killed last week) application will help spread the gospel of Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony, Oprah and TonsOfSports.

In and of itself, this isn’t new. We’ve known for some time now that Sirius XM had an iPhone application in development, but its importance to the company has never been more clear. With regular, commercial radio floundering, if not already dead (my opinion!), it’s high time Sirius XM start telling all those iPhone-loving folks out there—plenty of y’all, I’m sure—that, “you know what, satellite radio is actually pretty cool, if you don’t mind spending $15 a month. You get lots of commercial-free music, exclusive talk radio (Stern and O&A, etc.) and some fun sports! And being able to listen to that right on your iPhone would be pretty neat, too, don’t you think?”

Obviously their marketing would be a bit punchier, but you get the idea. Sirius XM needs to actively promote itself to the TWITTER GENERATION, as it were.