Sonyyyy will allllwaaaays looooove Bluuuuuu

Sony’s gaming division has built their games platform on Blu-ray disks and by God and by Jaysus they’re not going to turn back now. Said Sony PS3 Marketing Manager Kim Nguyen:

“That would pretty much destroy the PS3’s backbone, our games were built on Blu-ray.” Kim told us. “Quote that: Blu-ray will always be part of PS3.”

Well, duh. It’s right there inside the console. To ignore it would be like saying “From now on, the ‘off’ button doesn’t work.” It’s not like they’re ever going to give up UMD on the PSP either, even in future generations… oh, wait.

So there’s our question. Will the PS4 have Blu-ray? Will Sony still be around to think about it come the next wave of console updates? I love softball as much as the next guy, but Blu-ray will last another decade at best and forward thinking right now might give Sony the win it’s looking for in the next stage of Playstation development. While XBL is allowing the download of full and very popular games and services like Steam are teaching a new audience that downloading can be cool, PS3 will stick to its Blu-ray guns and release only fluff like Flower online, at least in the near future.

Not much else to report except there will be not price decrease, no PSP phone, and no “low-end” PS3 for non-online gamers.