Scosche releases iPod Shuffle headphones, Apple's earbud hegemony broken


The day is here, my friends, to stand up and be counted as men who will not bow down to Cupertino’s white earbud fascism. Scosche – did I spell that right? – just came out with earbuds for the iPod Shuffle with the little in-line button built-in. Bare-breasted Mother Liberty has given us the teat of freedom to suckle on on this day, friends, so drink deep and long from her pendulous dugs! We are free.

We are flesh and blood, we bleed and we fight and we fall and fight again. Apple will not rule over us like Pharoh ruled over the people of Moses! We will fight! We will use alternative headsets! We will win!

Wait… $49-$99 and available in the Spring? F that noise. I’m using the crap that came in the box.

Oxnard, CA., – March 12, 2009 – Scosche Industries (, an award-winning innovator of mobile electronics and iPod accessories, today announced that it is developing breakthrough earphones with integrated controls for the new third generation iPod shuffle with Apple’s new VoiceOver feature. The new IDR (Increased Dynamic Range) noise isolating earphones will give users the ability to play, pause, adjust volume, skip tracks, navigate playlists and hear the name of the song and artist with the press of a button.

“We are delighted to support the exciting new VoiceOver technology in the 4GB iPod shuffle,” said Kas Alves, executive vice president of Scosche Industries. “Scosche’s focus on innovation means we’re ideally placed to develop new and exciting products like the IDR earphones.”

Scosche is currently developing three earphone models- IDR350M, IDR450M and IDR650M noise isolating earphones that feature an integrated control surface. Users can control play, pause, adjust volume, skip tracks, navigate playlists and hear the name of the song and artist with the third generation iPod shuffle. A miniature microphone built into the back of the control surface allows users to record voice memos on the latest iPod touch, iPod nano and iPod classic 120GB. The IDR (Increased Dynamic Range) series earphones are designed to give users an enhanced listening experience with brilliant highs, silky smooth mids and powerful bass. The headphones are expected to be available this Spring and range in price from $49.99 to $99.99.