Kalorik wine cooler keeps vino at optimal drinking temperature

Wine Chiller- 150 DPI 

If you’re into wine, as some people are prone to be, perhaps you have some sort of fancy refrigerator or even an entire cellar where you keep all your bottles of Boone’s (that’s the best kind of wine, right?). Oh, interesting. Boone’s is actually “currently malt-based rather than wine-based due to changes in tax laws,” according to Wikipedia. How ‘bout that?

So maybe you have something nicer than Boone’s, if that’s possible, and you want to serve it at the optimal drink-i-tude. The $199 Kalorik Wine Cooler can chill two bottles at a time and uses in-bottle sensors to keep the wine at the perfect temperature.

From the product page:

Unlike typical wine storage systems that only regulate the ideal storage temperature (which is much cooler than the ideal drinking temperature), this is the dual wine bottle chiller that maintains the optimal wine drinking temperature, ensuring stored wines are ready for immediate consumption. Two wireless temperature probes insert into uncorked wine bottles, sealing the spout while sending accurate temperature readings of the wine itself (not the storage chamber) to LCDs on the outside of the chiller.

Each chamber’s thermostat can be programmed to different temperatures, allowing you to chill a bottle of red and a bottle of champagne simultaneously (or chill one bottle at a time). The device is programmed with suggested serving temperatures for champagne, red, white, or ros wines (ideal temperatures can also be adjusted manually), and the chiller has LEDs that warn when wines are too cool or too warm, and when the wines have reached the optimal temperature for consumption.

All that, and it looks like a cool countertop rocket launcher.

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