Hands-on and announcement of the Gateway P-7808 FX gaming notebook

gateway2Gateway is updating its long line of gaming notebooks with the P-7808 FX notebook. This big boy sports a cheesy-ass lid artwork but thankfully, comes pack’n the good stuff on the inside. Oh, she’s fast too. Gateway was kind enough to send one over and so far, it’s impressive – except for the paint job.

This $1799 notebook is equipped with Core 2 Quad Q9000 CPU and a GeForce 9800M GTS GPU with 1GB of video memory. Plus, it has 4GB of of DDR 1066MHz and a 500GB HDD. Dude, this thing is packed just like its predecessors with an HDMI port, 5-in-1 card reader, three USB plugs, and even an eSATA port all powered by a 9-cell battery that suppose to keep you gaming for up to 4 hours. A full review is coming shortly, but so far this machine is impressive to say the least.