‘Dark Ops Wii Light Gun’ brings some style


If you’re gonna shell out $20 for a hunk of plastic to turn your Wii-mote into a gun for shooting games, it might as well look cool. That’s likely the thought behind the Dark Ops Wii Light Gun from Cobalt Flux. You load your Wii-mote into the back of the gun “like a clip” which leaves the bottom exposed so you can hook up a nunchuck and use it unencumbered.


The apparatus uses the magic of mirrors to bend the beam from the Wii-mote, allowing you to aim the actual gun at the screen. Cool, no?

From the product page:


• Preserves independent use of the nunchuck. Lets you play every game with a gun!
• Ergonomic Pistol Grip sits comfortably in your hand.
• Full Access to all the buttons on the Wii remote.
• Lock ‘N Load – Easy loading and unloading of Wii remote – loads like a clip.
• Double grips for one or two handed action.
• Great styling to match any game.
• Fresnel light-bending technology lets you aim the gun instead of the remote.

Dark Ops Wii Light Gun [via Likecool]