TechFuga Updates Its News Aggregator. Now, With Twitter Search!

Tech news aggregator TechFuga has some new features this morning, including a new news clustering algorithm, easier-to-read graphics, more news sources, and better news search. The one feature I really like is that it now searches Twitter, in addition to all of the news sources it keeps track of.

For instance, here is a search for “Greystripe,” which had some funding news earlier today. Our post shows up, but above it appears all of the Twitter chatter about the news as well. Notice that the Twitter results appear above the blog post results. But nevertheless, you get a unified view of what people are saying about this particular topic.

TechFuga’s overall layout is a mixture of Techmeme and Alltop. The big headlines of the day are clustered above the fold much like on Techmeme. In fact, you will find most of the same stories on Techmeme. Where TechFuga begins to differentiate itself is with a column of developing news on the right, and tabs along the top which let you view more top news, latest news, and upcoming news.

If you go below the fold on the homepage, you are presented with an Alltop-style view of the last eight headlines from each of TechFuga’s top news sources, which include mostly other news aggregators such as Techmeme, Hacker News, Digg, Google News, BlogRunner, and Yahoo Buzz.