Rumor: New Canon Rebel slated for March 25 (but will it have a jog wheel?)


Gather ’round the water cooler, provided your place of business still has a water cooler (get it, recession joke), for there’s a hot new Canon rumor flying about. It seems Canon may be readying the new Rebel, the EOS Rebel 500D, for a March 25 announcement. It may have a jog wheel, which would make it the first Rebel to do so.

These are the speculated specs, by way of Canon Rumors:

mp: 15.1
ISO: 100-3200
crop: 1.6
FPS: 3.5
AF: 9 Point AF
AF: Face Detection
Battery: LP-E5
Feature: LiveView
Feature: Movie Mode w/contrast detect AF

There’s also some rumblings that the LCD may be one of those articulating deals. (It can swing out from the body—handy when you’re in Live View, for example.)

So, a whole lot of rumor, but not too much fact. At the very least, March 24 is only two weeks from now, so you won’t be waiting too long to either A) be disappointed or B) excited.