Nintendo has shipped its 100 millionth DS

Last year, Microsoft Games head Shane Kim suggested that once sales numbers for consoles started approaching 100 million, then we could declare a winner. That Wiinner is all but declared, and the continuing strong sales of the DS only cement that victory. Not much more to say here, but 100 million really is a pretty insane landmark. Strictly speaking, the record-breaking units have only been shipped, but let’s not kid ourselves, those DSis aren’t going to sit on shelves for long.


It’s worth noting that the PSP is no loser in this battle despite its reputation as such; they’ve sold over 50 million units, which is I’m sure way more than a lot of us expected. If rumors of another PSP redesign are true (and they certainly are), you can bet that even if the home console battle is over, the handheld one is not.

[graph from Nintendo’s press release]