Klipsch announces two "recession-proof" in-ears, the Image S4 & S2


Recession-proof is the new buzz term amongst CE manufacturers, children.

Klipsch, who’s known to make some decent ‘ware, has just announced two “recession-proof” in-ears, the Image S4 and S2. All in-ears boast some sort of noise dampening solution and the majority of them do a fair job of blocking out noise, but that’s dependent on the tips that come with them. Klipsch’s tips are a bit different from the norm as they’re oval shaped and thusly better fit the contours of your ear.

Additionally, the Image S4 and S2 are moving coil designs with controlled damping, allowing them to deliver smooth, full-bodied sound that is similar to a balanced armature. In fact, the S4 has a “hot rod” dual magnet motor structure that increases the damping factor. It’s a feature that allows kick drums to “attack” and intermodulation distortion, or IMD, to be significantly reduced.

Does that make sense?

The S4 (piano black with silver accents) comes out in April for $79 and comes with an aluminum case, cleaning tool and three different sized oval tips (single and double flange).

The S2 (piano black) drops in July for $49 and includes three oval ear tips in a variety of sizes and a cloth pouch.