Is your AT&T Wi-Fi working at Starbucks? [UPDATE]

starbucks-mermaidReader Michael writes:

I could not log onto my Starbucks ATT WiFi account today. I called ATT and they said it’s part of the Starbucks issue that they are tying to resolve as quickly as possible. And that it’s not a technical issue but rather a business issue that is the reason for the denial of access.

ATT gave me a temporary coupon to log on today so no problem with ATT. I hope ATT and Starbucks can resolve their business issue.

Anyone else have the same issue?

We’re on the horn with AT&T right now. What could be happening? Is it the end of the world?

UPDATE – AT&T writes:

I don’t think there’s anything widespread on this .. I’d know about it. The implementation was a rollout. Store by store (or region-by-region, really).

Perhaps Michael is in an underserved area? Crisis averted.