Hitachi to plead guilty on price fixing LCD

dan-barron-behind-bars-bw-150x150jpgWhoops. Hitachi is the latest manufacturer admitting to LCD price fixing and another win for the U.S. Justice Department. Last year, LG and Sharp also plead guilty on similar charges and paid $520 million combined in fines. Hitachi’s case involves fixing prices of LCD that were sold to Dell between 2001 and 2004. So that means if you purchased a laptop of LCD monitor between those times from Dell, you can probably raise and shake your fist at Hitachi cause you probably overpaid.

The Justice Department views this as a win,

“This case should send a strong message to multinational companies operating in the United States that when it comes to enforcing the U.S. antitrust laws we mean business,” Acting Assistant Attorney General Scott Hammond said in a statement.

We just want to know when our refund checks are coming in the mail.