CrunchMayhem: how to open some keypad-secured doors

keypadWe post this in a white-hat spirit. Like choosing “123456” or “password” as your password, the practice of leaving admin passwords as the default (usually “admin”) should be discouraged.

Now, keypad-secured doors bar us everywhere we go. What could be behind them? I don’t know. Could be treasure. But if security isn’t up to par, here is a technique which may just give you access.

This technique reportedly works on Semtex keypads (a popular brand) that haven’t been reconfigured since installation. Just remember this: ***00000099#*. Three stars enters admin mode, six zeroes is the default password, 99# is the code to open the door, and * leaves admin mode. Don’t forget that last star or someone else might do mischief with the door.

Of course, we advise any security and tech professionals to fix this. But in the meantime, have fun kids!