Bogen Imaging offering free lighting webinar this Friday

will-details-pg2This Friday the 13th, Spooky!, Bogen Imaging will be hosting a free lighting webinar with Will Crocket. “The Language of One Light: Roundtable with Will Crockett” will run from 2PM to 3PM EDT and will cover the following topics:

– How to create lighting using the simplest of tools and techniques

– The difference between TTL, AUTO, and MANUAL exposure modes on the flash

– Mounting tips for using one’s show flash on a stand or clamp

– Wireless triggering made easy (and inexpensive!)

– Some of Crockett’s favorite light modifiers for making soft, portable, and pleasing light in any location

If that wasn’t enough, Bogen will be giving away three Metz 58 AF-1 Flashes that are worth $444. Sign up here.