Would you give up Facebook (or the iPhone) for Lent?


We’re right in the middle of Lent, a time for certain followers of certain religious beliefs to give something up for the greater good. And more power to ’em, I say. What’s interesting to us here is: would you consider giving up something like Facebook (that’s for the TechCrunch crowd) or, say, Xbox 360 or your iPhone (for the CrunchGear guys)? Several Fordham University students have indeed chosen to give up Facebook, saying that if they’re going to give something up, they should give up something they use on a daily basis.

It’s not unheard of for people to spend hours on the site, talking to their friends, playing games and generally just wasting time. (I spend maybe five minutes total on the site these days; card-carrying member from 2004 right here!) So, since Lent is all about giving up things you enjoy the most, why not try saying bye-bye to Facebook.

Now, we are a few weeks into Lent so I don’t know if giving up Facebook now “counts,” per se, but surely it couldn’t hurt to cut down on your use if you’re on there all day long or whatever.

via NYConvergence