Japanese company rolls out cell phone charger with built-in zinc-air battery

kfe_japan_zinc_airA Japanese company called KFE has developed a charger for cell phones that gets its energy from a zinc-air battery. Users can recharge their phones about 20 times and KFE says compared to dry-cell battery based charger, their $35 device (Japan-only) is more economical.

The battery can store up to 13 Ah and generates a voltage of 5 volts. Once it’s empty, it can be mailed back to KFE for a hydroxyl ion refill.

The device itself measures 2.3 x 5 x 9cm. Users have to open the cover to expose the battery to oxygen to trigger a reaction between hydroxyl ions and zinc so that electrons are generated.

KFE launches sales by the end of this month, but (apart from a short text-only news release) there is no further information to be found on the company’s Japanese website at this point.

Via Nikkei [registration required, paid subscription]