‘Ultimate Gamer’ TV show debuts tomorrow


Lest you think people won’t be interested in watching other people play video games on TV, don’t forget about how ridiculous the idea of watching people play poker was when it was first televised. In that spirit, a show called WCG Ultimate Gamer will debut on the Sci-Fi channel tomorrow night at 10:00 PM Eastern. WCG being short for World Cyber Games, which is apparently some sort of Olympiad of competitive gaming.

The show will pit 12 gamers against each other in the typical reality format – they all live together, some of them might cry a lot, and they all get sent home until there’s one person remaining. That person will get $100,000 and “the ultimate Samsung electronics package” plus he or she will “be the face of WCG and represent WCG at events around the globe including the 2009 Grand Final in China.” The show sounds interesting, minus the non-gaming stuff. Hopefully it’s not 35 minutes of bickering, five minutes of gaming, and 20 minutes of ads.

It’ll be interesting to see what kind of gear they all use. Like if they’re allowed to use their own keyboards and mice or if they all have to use the same rig. We got a press release saying they’ll all use Tritton’s AX Pro gaming headsets and Samsung is one of the main sponsors of the show, so it’s pretty safe to say that all the monitors will be from them, but hardcore gamers get pretty finicky about their mice and keyboards.

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