Turn your Guitar Hero skills into real guitar skills

guitar-redSuddenly we will all turn into real rockstars when we get our hands on the Headliner Real Digital Guitar. Coming soon, it can be used as a standard electric guitar and as a controller for both Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Its “state of the art” sensors transform a regular electric guitar into a gaming compatible controller. At a projected price of $250, I can’t imagine real guitarists would be anticipating this thing’s arrival. Maybe Guitar Hero/Rock Band fanatics with money and time to spare will pick this up.

The guitar will be manufactured by Zivix, which appears to be a start-up based out of Minneapolis. They will also be launching a “Jamparty Live Music Generator,” where you can create your own music on your PC using the guitar. I would probably be more excited about it if it were called something other than “Jamparty.”